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2018, Nov 23

Leaders at the helm of affair in the country’s three tiers of government have been admonished to be more proactive in providing adequate security and protection of life and property in all parts of the country, to facilitate peace and meaningful development in all facets of life.

This admonition was given by the Catholic Archbishop of Kaduna, Most Rev. Matthew Ndagoso, while preaching the homily at the funeral Mass of the late Agom Adara,  Dr. Maiwada Raphael Galadima, recently at St John’s Catholic Church, Kachia, Kaduna State. The late Agom Adara, who was kidnapped with his wife and his body guards by some assailants, last month; was eventually murdered by his captors along with his Police orderly and two palace guards by his captors.

Pointing out that security of life is an essential requisite for peace and tranquility in any society, Archbishop Ndagoso noted that: “the primary duty of every government anywhere in the world is the security of the lives and property of the citizenry. Expressing concern about the current pervasive situation of insecurity in the country, from Adamawa to Zamfara, Borno through Plateau, Kaduna, Benue, Taraba etc; the Archbishop continued: “Those with the constitutional duty of securing the lives and property of Nigerians must wake up and do more than they are doing now to make us more secure. What Nigerians need now is security not excuses.”

The Archbishop further stated: “Given where we are in terms of insecurity it is my view that governments at all levels need to do more than they are doing now and pay more attention to this sector more than any. Without adequate security that enables the citizenry to move around freely to conduct their daily businesses, the roads, railways, hospitals, schools etc that we build will become useless. These infrastructures can only be gainfully used when there is peace and security enabling free and secure movements.”

Expressing that true leaders are known in difficult and trying moments, the local ordinary of Kaduna Archdiocese noted that the present situation in Kaduna State demands that political leaders in the state should show maturity and wisdom in dealing with difficult and challenging situations “by being careful with their words and actions so that they do not by any stretch of imagination create the impression that they are partial”.

Archbishop Ndagoso remarked that the crises in the state is beyond the issue of religious  differences, and therefore called on Christians in the State to remain responsible “human beings and Christians even in the most challenging situation like the one we are now going through”.

Archbishop Nodagoso condoled with the immediate members of the family of the late traditional ruler and his subjects; extolling him as an exemplary ruler and dedicated and committed Catholic, who lived a satisfactory life of virtues in consonance with the Catholic faith.

Giving panacea for lasting peace in the state as well as in the entire Nigerian nation, the Archbishop declared: “If lasting peace is to be achieved the first condition is to remove the causes of dissension among the different sectors of the society such as excessive economic inequalities, disregard for people’s right, systemic and deliberate policies exclusion, distrust etc.”

He added: “This calls for a change of heart and deliberate efforts at the promotion of the common good. If we must achieve lasting peace in our dear state there is an urgent need for coordination of the efforts of all stakeholders, namely, political, religious and traditional rulers.”


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