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2018, Jul 22
The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Most Rev. Matthew Hassan Kukah has advocated discipline and deep knowledge of democracy to facilitate the proper cohesion of the Nigerian nation.
Noting that democracy is hard work on an imperfect system, Bishop Kukah who recently delivered a lecture at the 2018 University of Jos graduation ceremony, declared: “So far, it seems that between the operators and the people, there is very little understanding of what democracy really is.” The topic of the lecture, which took place at the institution’s campus in Jos, Plateau State, was: Broken Truths: Nigeria’s Elusive Quest for National Cohesion.
Bishop Kukah who gave a comprehensive analysis of how the country arrived at its present sorry state, traced the genesis of the challenges that confronted the country, since the time of the British colonial masters to the present unstable democratic situation; offered panacea that could change the state of the nation for the better. Wondering how imperfect mortals should use imperfect system to hold together and achieve national cohesion; Bishop Kukah declared: “If we accept that democracy is hard work on an imperfect system, then, we need discipline and deep knowledge of what it is”.
Giving a five-point agenda on how to facilitate national cohesion in the country, the local ordinary of Sokoto Diocese told the graduating students: “My dear graduands, you are stepping into a country that is at war with itself.
However, reconstructing that world is your challenge and each of you here has the right weapons to bring about the change. Your certificate is more than a thousand armoured tanks. A single one of you with a certificate is worth more than a thousand bandits, murderers and assassins, by whatever they are called”. The bishop urged the graduating students to use their certificates as a roadmap to return the country on the right track to true democracy, development, meaningful and rewarding national cohesion. 


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